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Robert Griffin III and Barry Sanders Highlight Draft Night Premiere

Barry could probably still break some ankles.
Author: Scott Rodgers
Published: April 25, 2012
So the NFL Draft is closing in and Robert Griffin III is getting measured for his new Washington Redskins jersey. To celebrate, along with a few other of his fellow soon-to-be NFL comrades, EA threw a NCAA Football 13 Draft Night Party. It took place at the Lavo nightclub in New York City and the guests of honor were the two guys on the cover, Griffin and Barry Sanders.

Justin Blackmon, the wide receiver from Oklahoma State, quarterback Ryan Tannehill of Texas A&M, and Trent Richardson, running back for the National Champion Alabama Crimson Tide were also on hand. All three of them are projected to be taken in the top ten of the NFL Draft (Richardson to the Browns, Blackmon to the Rams, and Tannehill to the Dolphins).

Sanders beat Herschel Walker, Marcus Allen, and five other former Heisman winners in a three week, nationwide vote by the fans to be featured on the cover.

The cover vote was a blast from the moment it all started, said Sanders. I had to reach down a bit and channel my political instincts, and it gave me an opportunity to connect with the fans. And to be able to come out on top, and beat out guys that I truly admire, players like Herschel, Marcus, and [Doug] Flutie, was truly amazing.

Sanders continued: To have won the Heisman, and then to be able connect with the most recent winner in this fashion nearly 25 years later, is truly a thrill. Its an honor to join Griffin on the cover.

RGIII, being one of the most humble guys in the sport, respectfully disagreed with the Hall of Famer.

Since it was announced that Barry had won the cover vote, people have been coming up and telling me how cool it is thats hes on the cover with me, Griffin said. I dont think thats the case, really. Its the other way around where Im sharing the cover with him. Hes the legend here, so its truly an honor to be on the cover with one of the greatest players to ever play the game.

Baylor fans will have to learn to live without Griffin in the upcoming NCAA Football 13, but hey, they could always recruit the next one, right?