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Capcom Dishes Some Street Fighter x Tekken GEM System Info

It keeps getting better.
Author: Scott Rodgers
Published: December 14, 2011
Street Fighter x Tekken is shaping up to be as great as I envisioned it to be way back when it was first announced. I know that the GEM system has taken a bit of heat from the traditionalists that find it takes away from the pure fighting scene. I like being able to customize my characters, though, and I find the GEM system to be quite appealing and an amazing addition to the game. Today we also got some more details on those shiny things.

There will be a total of 57 GEMs (five assists and 52 boost) that come in the game. Players have the ability to equip three different GEMs that improve upon weaknesses or capitalize on strengths to enhance their inherent play style. The two types of GEMs, Assist and Boost, each have specific advantages and disadvantages.

Players can select any assortment of assist GEMs, which provide helpful bonuses that are always activated but balanced by handicaps in other areas. Conversely, Boost GEMs provide a stat increase in one of five areas (attack, defense, speed, cross gauge, vitality) but require a specific condition to be met in order to be activated. The example that Capcom sent to us says that a particular speed GEM can be automatically activated if a player blocks 2-3 stringed attacks from their opponent. Because these GEMs are assigned before the match the conditions are hidden from opponents. This particular detail is something that appeals to me because I'm sure more advanced players would never give others a chance to meet their conditions.

Capcom has a near final list over at their blog including effects and activation conditions. I should stress that this list can undergo changes before the release so don't go and plot out your teams and GEMs just yet. SF x T will release on March 9 and if you're like me then you already have an iPhone notification set.