Recent News

Time To Head Back To The Islands With Tropico 5

Whatever you say, El Presidente.

InFamous Second Son Moves Some Units

You can also grab the soundtrack!

Ubisoft Sneaks Another Assassin's Creed Game Into The Mix

Actually, rumor is they are set to release TWO of them!

Go Underground With Wolfenstein Developers

It's kind of dark down there...

Sony Continues To Roll Out More Cool Stuff

Access granted!

"Making Of" Video Released For Child Of Light

Don't get it mixed up with your other children.

Bound By Flame Gets Release Date

Take this pretty thing to the prom!

Ragnarok Odyssey ACE DLC Details Revealed

Lots of free stuff! But not all of it is free...

Take A Gander At The Opening Cinematic Of Final Fantasy X HD

More trailers! More trailers!

The Witcher 3 Release Date News

No, it's not coming out sooner than you had hoped...

Gaze Upon A SXSW Panel About Tales From The Borderlands

You might learn something!

Say It Ain't So, Jack!

The Beloved Mr. Tretton is stepping down after two decades.

XSEED Games Shocking People Everywhere With Localization

You haven't finished your vacation until you are on Akiba's Trip!

Want To Go Out On A Date With Watch Dogs?

Ubisoft says come one over this May then!

Did Hitler Really Die In Berlin?

Believe it or not, you can find out the answer in a Sniper Elite 3 preorder bonus mission!

We Suspect You'll Be Interested In This News About Murdered: Soul Suspect

Like, when you'll actually get to play it!

New Trailer for Tales of Symphonia Chronicles

Come sit my son, and listen to the Tales.

Did You Say You Wanted A Lords of Shadow 2 Trailer

Because you know we deal in trailers here, right?

Thief Launch Trailer Appears Moments Before Thief Launch

As usual, we've got a trailer to show you...

Far Cry Compilation Hit Stores Today

Nothing to cry about.

New Dying Light Trailer Shows Off "Humanity"

Techland wants us to feel sympathy for the dead.

Sony Announces That Vita-2000 Is Coming Stateside

I guess the cool colors couldn't get through customs though.

Say Hello To The New Lara

In this launch trailer for Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition.

It's Time For Another Gameplay Trailer

This time it's some web-swinging action with The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

Thrilling Action Shooter Heavy Fire: Shattered Soldier On Sale

50% off is like half-price! What a deal!

Feast Your Eyes On Middle-Earth: Shadows of Mordor

Yep, we've got some gameplay footage to point you at!

Atlus Proven To Use Scare Tactics On Employees

Check out their reaction to playing Daylight.

Boo! Bloober Team Announces Release Date For Basement Crawl

Well, for our European friends at least.

A Release Date Appears For Demon Gaze

We've got some screenshots with English in them too!

New Film Highlights Sony Legend Kazunori Yamauchi

Kaz: Pushing the Virtual Divide tells the tale of a man with a lot of drive.