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[Hardware Review] Ready PLYR1

Has Skullcandy made good use of the Astro engineers?

[Hardware Review] HD PVR 2 Gaming Edition Plus

It’s your time to become a star!

Dyad: The Lost Interview

We interrogated Shawn McGrath about his unique PSN game at GDC, and the transcript has finally been declassified.

PlayStation Vita: The Future

A system lives and dies by its software lineup, and with over 100 titles in development, the Vita doesn't seem to be suffering much in that regard. But what, specifically should you be saving up for?

PlayStation Vita: The Games Guide

It's the reason you buy systems in the first place. The second in our three part series delves into the Vita's launch lineup.

PlayStation Vita: The Pre-Launch Guide

What does it do? What does it cost? What games will be there? What's waiting after the launch? All these questions and more you probably never thought to ask will be answered this week. First up: The Hardware

Year In Review: 2011

2011 was so three weeks ago. With a sober attitude (and constitution), we wax poetic on the year that was supposed to be the year of PlayStation.

TotalRoundTable: Battlefield 3 Cometh

We sit down and talk about our time with the Battlefield 3 Beta as well as our hopes and fears for the final game.

[Interview] Throwing High Punches with Mike Z

Lead Programmer and Arcade Fighting Champ Mike Zaimont talks to us about his work on Skullgirls.

Transhumanism: A Primer

We kick off our week of Deus Ex: Human Revolution coverage with the inside scoop on our exclusive visit to Eidos Montreal's office.

[Podcast] TPS Report #5 with Jeremy Dunham and Chris Roper

If YOU feel violated after this episode, just think of how the writers behind "The Jackal" feel. Answer: They feel nothing.

[Podcast] TPS Report #4 The Lost E3 2011 Episode

Take a trip back to this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo as we talk to some developers about their next game.

[Impressions] Nathan Drake, We Hardly Knew Thee

It feels like only a week ago that we were pulling people off of ledges.

[Podcast] TPS Report #3 with Mel Kirk [Updated]

Back from the dead (and by a smattering of requests), we bring you yet another podcast. This installment: Mel Kirk from ZEN Studios! [Update]: Win Marvel Pinball and Captain America table DLC!

TotalRoundTable: How Is That Vita News Playing In The Cheap Seats?

E3 2011 may be done, but our thoughts on their biggest announcement, the price and some of the new features for the PlayStation Vita, are far from settled.

Your Guide To The Games Of The Welcome Back Program

Can't decide what free games to choose from the PSN Welcome Back Program? Let us help.

FireWallSide Chat: PSN Is Compromised

Sony has been through quite a lot of trouble this generation, and 2011 hasn't been that much better. Now that we know our personal info is compromised, our editors weigh in on the touchy subject.

[Interview] A Casual Chat with Jonathan Jacques-Belletête

The art director for Deus Ex: Human Revolution shares insight on cyberpunk, anatomy, and texturing furniture.

[Out of the Box] Round 1: Fight!

Is the next step in fighting games going back to square one – and, if so, at what cost?

TotalRoundTable: The Generation after That

Peering into the depths of (next year’s?) Xbox 720 and PlayStation 4 from a development perspective.

[Blog] PlayStation Post-script: GDC 2011


[Blog] Soapbox Alley (March ’11)

The 3DS, Dragon Age 2, and DLC? Oh, my!

[GOTY 2010] PlayStation 2

One category: Game of the Year. One true contender. Nobody else stood a chance.

[Interview] Five: Denis Dyack

Five questions, five answers, one very special guest. Simple as that.

[Link] All-star Roundtable: The Day the Music Died

Rock-n-roll legends never die – they just fade away. Or something like that.

[Interview] Five: Year One Breakdown

The many answers of Five questions – continuing “The Five Days of Five” with a little statistical analysis.

[Interview] Five: Year One Retrospective, Part II

Five games, five memories. Simple as that.

[Interview] Five: Year One Retrospective, Part I

“Five days of Five” continues with a reflexive examination of gaming’s highest points, both past and present.

[Interview] Five: Don Zalewski

Five questions and five answers in five days. Simple as that.

[Interview] Matt Harwood, Director of Auditory Kaos

We sat down with Matt to talk about his involvement in Kaos Studios, his goals for Homefront, and how sound is better than visuals... at least, in our opinion.

TotalRoundTable: 2011 – The Year of “Hot damn… lookit all those games!”

Does sequelitis and oversaturation ruin the best gaming lineup of the best year in gaming?

[Blog] Soapbox Alley (February ’11)

RIP Guitar Hero – and what the hell is wrong with Visceral Games?

[Interview] Five: Brian Altano

Five questions, five answers. Simple as that.

[Interview] Jasen Whiteside Talks ARMAGEDDON

Red Faction fans: we've got some more insight on Volition's new third-person shooter. There will be destruction -- fear not!

TotalRoundTable: The Portable Nature of Mobile PlayStations

Or: How Sony decisively lost the handheld wars.

[Blog] PlayStation Post-script: (Non-Sony) Games of the Year

Sizing up Alan Wake and StarCraft II and taking Halo: Reach and Limbo to task.

[Blog] Soapbox Alley (January ’11)

Lambasting Sony and taking on dudes with beards in videogames

[Out of the Box] How Wii's Waggling Changed the World

In the religion of videogames, Nintendo is Shiva - the destroyer and the creator, the omega and the alpha. But is it in that order? Great Scott!

[Interview] Five: Douglass C. Perry

Five questions, five answers. Simple as that.

TotalRoundTable: Resisting the Uncharted Waters of Insane and Deadly Descents

Heading for the hills in the fallout from the Spike Videogame Awards “megatons.”

[Blog] Merry Christmas, Sam Bishop! (Part 1)

Features Editor Marc N. Kleinhenz is obsessed with snow, both real and virtual. In order to at least circle in on comprehending his obsession, we suggest following him down a twisted rabbit hole of Freudian self-psychoanalysis. Or in short: an editorial.

[Software Review] PlayOn, Playa!

MediaMall offers a great way to ditch your cable bill…

PlayStation Holiday Gift Guide 2010

Get some great gift ideas for the PlayStation gamer in your life with our 2010 holiday gift guide!

[Interview] Five: Javi Rodriguez

Five questions, five answers. Simple as that.

TotalRoundTable: Q4 + PS3 = 4-Ever?

Master Chief and Peter Molyneux versus Donkey Kong and James Bond versus Sly Cooper and some expensive car. Fight!

[Blog] PlayStation PS: Three PlayStations and Four Years

And two turntables and one microphone.

[Interview] Dave Votypka, HOMEFRONT

Kaos Studios' Dave Votypka sits down with us for a brief chat about Homefront.

[Interview] Five: Paul Semel

Five questions, five answers. Simple as that.

[Interview] Dana Jan, Game Director at Ready at Dawn

We sat down with God of War: Ghost of Sparta's game director to talk about his career, the future of Ready at Dawn, the PSP2, Kevin Butler, motion controls, 3D, and, of course, Ready at Dawn's upcoming game.

TotalRoundTable: A Decade of Dante, Katamaris, and Kratos

Looking back with some of the greatest PS2 journos.

[Blog] PS2: A Retrospective -- Game Over

Concluding the celebration.

[Blog] PS2: A Retrospective -- Press Start

Celebrating ten years in ten days.

[Hardware Review] Power A Pro Elite Wireless Controller

Infatuated with the Xbox 360's controller layout? Power A has you covered... with a few caveats.

[Interview] Jim Lee vs. DC UNIVERSE ONLINE

Jim Lee sat down with us and answered a few questions about DC Universe Online.

[Out of the Box] HALO: Videogame or Murderer?

Could Halo's – and Call of Duty's – sales undermine everyone else's success?

[Interview] Five: Andre Segers

Five questions, five answers. Simple as that.

[Link] All-star Roundtable: 3DS Announcement Edition

The gang's all here – in threeeee deeeeeees!

[Podcast] Washington Davecast #3

Sam Bishop calls into Dave Clayman's podcast for a talk about things existing.

[Blog] PSX: A Retrospective

Celebrating 15 years of PlayStation goodness.

[Blog] PlayStation PS: TGS 2010

Post-scripting the latest and greatest PlayStation happenings. Now with more editors!

TotalRoundTable: Launch Moves

Moving into the future – and beyond.

[Interview] Steve Papoutsis, Executive Producer of DEAD SPACE 2

We chatted with Steve Papoutsis, the executive producer on Dead Space 2 about multiplayer, story challenges and Isaac suddenly finding his voice.

[Link] All-star Roundtable: Xbox Li$e

TotalPlayStation, GameXplain, and IGN join forces to take on the high cost of (online) gaming.

[Interview] Five: Chris Roper

Five questions, five answers. Simple as that.

[Link] All-star Roundtable: BioShock Infinite

To walk among the giants in the clouds...

TotalRoundTable: The Cult of Originality

Facebook, motion controls, and modern warfare. Oh my!

[Podcast] TPS Report # 2

Technology be damned! WE SHALL OVERCOME!

[Hardware Review] Sony NWZ-W252 Metal Gear Solid Walkman

Looking to inject a bit more Snake into your workout? Oh, Sony's got you covered, and they've got a little surprise in there too.

[Hardware Review] Power A Media Expansion Bar

PS3 Slim feeling a little short on USB ports and card readers? Power A can help... with some caveats.

[Interview] Five: Dave Zdyrko

Five questions, five answers. Simple as that.

TotalRoundTable: Moving to Kinect to the Wii

Debating, contemplating, and enumerating Kinect, Move, and the Wii.

[E3 2010] Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Interview

We spoke to Konami about the rebirth of one of their classic franchises.

[Hardware Review] Power A PowerStand Charger

Sick of your controllers running out of juice? Maybe this will help...

[Interview] Five: Micah Seff

Five questions, five answers. Simple as that.

[E3 2010] Rock Band 3 Interview

We chat with Harmonix to get the straight poop on just what's different the third time out.

[Podcast] TPS Report #1

Frak it, we're doing it recorded and taking forever to edit and upload it!

[Interview] We've taken the Castle!

The Behemoth, developer of Castle Crashers and Alien Hominid, took some time to talk with us about their upcoming PSN release. Find out inside where they've been hiding all this time.

[Editorial] The need to defend video games as art.

Video games can never be art. So what?

[Hardware Review] Hyperkin PS3 Text Link Remote

Sick of trying to chat with your friends using the on-screen options but don't want to move up to a full-blown USB keyboard? Sorry, the Text Link Remote's probably not the solution.

[Post-Mortem] God of War III

Just how difficult was it to bring Kratos to the PS3? We sit down with the game's director and producer to get the straight poop on what may well be the most heavily anticipated game of 2010.

[Hardware Review] Polk Audio's HitMaster Studio Monitor

Helps you pretend to be a Pretender!

[Editorial] 2010 and Beyond

The TPS team gets together to tell you of their hopes and predictions for the current year and the future of PlayStation.

[GDC 2010] Move It or Lose It

We finally get to go hands-on with Sony's motion controller, but how did the Move's debut treat us?

[Hardware Review] KontrolFreek FPSFreek and SpeedFreak Controller Adaptors

Four little bits of plastic will change the way you play games forever... if you can learn to love them, that is.

[Interview] Jeramiah "Module" Ross

We sit down with the Kiwi composer behind Shatter and quiz him on everything from Daft Punk to, yes, Lord of the Rings. Plus, we've got five copies of the game and the soundtrack to give away. Click to find out more.

[Hardware Review] Bannco FRAGnStein

The FragFX finally has some competition, but how does Bannco's wireless take on a keyboard/mouse/controller hybrid stack up?

[Hardware Review] Splitfish FragFX Controller v.2

Splitfish improves on a good thing, but have they done enough?

[Hardware Review] The ANT Commandos Rock Commandos Universal PS2 to PS3 Controller Adaptor

Universal indeed.

[Hardware Review] DualShock 3

Oh, c'mon, what you do think we're going to say? Buy one. Now.

[Hardware Review] PSP Slim and Light (PSP-2000)

Sony's newer PSP model breathes new life into their little wunderportable.

[Hardware Review] Splitfish FragFX Controller

Has Splitfish found the magical sweet spot between keyboard/mouse and a console controller? We take a peek to find out.

Banned In The United States

We take a look at why the gaming industry has its limits, and what happens when a game goes too far.

Namco Bandai Games Gives Us The Dirt On DW:Gundam

We sit down with localization producer Nobuaki Taguchi to talk about the latest release in the Dynasty Warriors series.

Ubidays 2007

The French mega-publisher is more than just Tom Clancy games, you know. Here's how they prove it.

SCEA Gamers' Day 2007

Quite possibly the most impressive tri-platform showing in history just happened. Here's the skinny on everything shown and announced.

SEGA Gamer's Day 2007

The Big S is bringing out the big guns. We take a little peek at their news-filled day and offer a closer look of some of the PlayStation-related lineup.

[Q&A] Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam

We plug Activision with a handful of (repetitive) questions about how the move from the Wii to the PS2 is going.

New OS Required For Improved Online Experience

While the PlayStation 3 has a number of obstacles to overcome, its biggest problem comes right from within; the Cross Media Bar interface. Before Sony can improve the existing PlayStation Network, they may have to completely rewrite the XMB first.

Sales Results This Week Will Tell The Real Story

With new PlayStation 3 and Wii shipments expected to arrive in stores this weekend, all eyes will be on Sony to come up with enough units, and on consumers as they make their final purchasing decisions before Christmas.

[Dev Diary] Thrillville

Find out exactly what goes into making a theme park-based "party game with social interaction." Get the scoop from the PR side of things first, then delve into info straight from the development team (which is why the parts start over).