TotalPlayStation Staff

  • Sunny Walia - President/Editor

  • Sam Bishop - Founder/Editor-in-Chief

  • Since founding the very site you're on right now back in 1997 (originally as, Sam has bounced all over the industry, working on the PR side briefly, helping to build the PlayStation 2 section of (and then helping keep it afloat again when it changed ownership before becoming today), dabbled in various print magazines for Ziff-Davis and Future USA, and has written numerous game manuals, strategy guides and mock review consulting projects for publishers. He's also crazy. No, seriously, have you seen a sane person laugh as much as he does? That's not right, man. That dude has like a crack gland in his head or something. Homeboy needs to chill out and be serious for once.

  • Aram Lecis - Managing Editor

  • A true video game historian, Aram first got involved in games 30 years ago as one of the youngest QA testers of all time at Coleco, where his mother wrote award-winning Colecovision manuals. Since then he has wasted his money on every major console that has been released (and more than a few minor ones), frittering his time and life away while others went on to greatness. Before joining TPS, Aram worked at Disney World, drove an armored car, ran a few movie theaters, and made a damn fine cappuccino. When he isn't delicately incubating a plethora of his own news and reviews, Aram busies himself with his video production company, repairing supercomputers, moderating the dramatic TPS universe and taking care of his 4 year old daughter and 2 year old son, who are far less demanding than the staff.

    Marc N. Kleinhenz - Features Editor

    Marc N. Kleinhenz has covered gaming for such sites as Comic Related, Corona's Coming Attractions, GameXplain, G-ovah, and PopLitiko, among others. He is also a scriptwriter, with graphic novel, audiodrama, storybook, and even short stories under his belt.

    Scott Rodgers - Sports Editor

    A native son of the South, Scott has combined his passion for sports (go Red Sox, Patriots, Celtics, and Bruins!) with one of his favorite hobbies in video games as the Sports Editor at TPS. He was first introduced to gaming by his brother's NES, and the first console he could ever call his own being the original PlayStation (it has been love ever since). Before TPS, he worked in Minor League Baseball, was an editor at two small papers, and presented various original works at a handful of conventions. Nowadays, Scott writes for both TPS and a local newspaper, needlessly grinds trophies, plays fantasy sports obsessively, watches five re-runs of SportsCenter in a row, hikes trails with his girlfriend and their Sheltie, manages three cats and a bunny at home, and saves the world. All before sunset. On roller-skates.

  • Parjanya Holtz - Editor-at-Large, Frankfurt

  • Ryan Green - Trophy Guru

  • JD Cohen - News Editor

  • Tracy Tan - Database Guru

  • Alex Chan - CSS/JS Guru

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We're always looking for passionate people looking to break into the industry. Sure, we pay next to nothing (actually, it's exactly nothing), but the time spent working on the site will not only give you tons of valuable experience, it'll leave you as jaded, broken and disenchanted with the whole idea of "playing video games for a living" that you'll fit right in at any major outlet. We're kidding, of course (about most of it, anyway); the TotalPlayStation staff are a family, and as such we like to take care of one another. Sure, you'll be inundated in some killer games across four different platforms, be privy to inside and breaking info as it happens, and generally gain some great insight into the industry itself. If that sounds like your cuppa tea, by all means, shoot us your resume and some writing samples. We look forward to hearing from you!


For eight long years, we were known simply as, the longest-running independent PlayStation 2 site on the net. Then, finally we broke down and realized that the PS2 was indeed dying... and something had to be done. We rebuilt the site from scratch, poured all those years of content and hapless fanboy hyperbole into a database and rekindled the desire to cover everything--no--EVERYthing that the PlayStation platforms made possible.

The result is a site that no longer focuses on just the PlayStation 2. Now (or very soon) it reaches back to cover the original PlayStation, includes the years of PlayStation 2 coverage we threw at you, adds the PlayStation Portable and stockpiles every little tidbit of the PlayStation 3 through the launch and well into its lifecycle.

But as Sony is all too keen to point out, the PlayStation brand is far, far more than just a games moniker. We too share the desire to make sure every bit of home theatre, movie and music experience that that system can provide is covered so heavily it's nearly suffocating.

Games, movies, music and tech geekery is only so much, though, and it takes the people that are actually into these things to fuel the fires of passion. This is why we've overhauled things to become a mecca for all things PlayStation -- not just in the entertainment coverage, but in gamer interaction as well -- all in the hopes that we can build a community as emotionally charged and cool as we can all wish we could be.

Join us, won't you? Feed our oh-crap-we-wish-we-were-rockstars egos and help us shape this into the kind of site that PlayStation fans should have rather than have to settle for. We promise we'll hold up our end of the deal: we'll keep digesting the latest technology and spitting out the best for your consumption while... um, passing the rest in what promises to be a fairly painful process.